2020–21 Foundation Co-Presidents
Linda McGeever & Suzanne O’Brien

Dear M-A Families,

Which organization at M-A:

  • reduces class sizes
  • provides more elective and sections of AS and AP courses
  • funds additional guidance counselors and college advising time
  • gives teachers the opportunity for curriculum collaboration
  • pays for critical programs like the Partnership for Success, serving M-A’s under resourced students?


We have already committed $2.5M million to M-A for this school year to pay for essential personnel and programs that will benefit all M-A students.

Here’s where you come in: M-A students are counting on you, because donations from M-A families and friends make Foundation-funded projects at M-A possible. It takes all of us to give our students the support they deserve.

To meet our goal and continue funding excellent options and opportunities for all, we need to raise at least $2,000 per student. If you can contribute more, we are grateful for your generosity. Every dollar stays at M-A!

Please make your tax-deductible gift today. Donations can be made here on our website by clicking on the DONATE tab.

With your help, together

enhance the educational experience for all M-A students this school year.

With gratitude,

Linda McGeever and Suzanne O’Brien
M-A Foundation for the Future
Co-Presidents 2020–21

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