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Tax Benefits From Gifting of Securities

Do you own marketable securities (such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares) that have appreciated in value that you are ready to sell? If so, and you’ve owned the securities for at least a year, you can donate them to M-A’s Foundation for the Future, and earn a tax-deductible donation equal to the full current market value of the security. You will pay no capital gains taxes on the appreciation over your original purchase, or basis price. This can really stretch your charitable dollars! If you think you could benefit, consult your tax/accounting advisor for specific advice applicable to your individual situation.

Securities can be easily transferred from the donor’s account to the Foundation’s local brokerage account:

  1. Follow this link to the attached Instructions to Broker (in pdf format).
  2. Fill in the appropriate information regarding the shares you wish to gift.
  3. Check with your broker to see if they require a signature guarantee or any additional information.
  4. Mail the letter to your broker.
  5. We need to track your gift, as we do not always receive your name from your broker. Please email to notify us of your gift or mail a copy of your form to:
    M-A Foundation for the Future
    P.O. Box 1228
    Menlo Park, CA 94026
    Tax ID# 26-0820369

Questions? We’re here to help you to navigate through the process.

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