Ever wonder how your donation is spent?
With our Foundation, you know where your dollars go.

SMALLER CLASSES ($987,000) 45%

This year, the Foundation has been able to reduce class-size in 285 core subject courses—English, Social Studies, Math, Science and World Languages. Enrollment in all English classes is capped at 30 students, and 19 additional sections of AS (advanced standing) and AP (advanced placement) are provided.
  • All English classes (capped at enrollment of 30 students)
  • Speech and Debate
  • Geometry enrich
  • Geometry
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • AS Algebra II
  • Integrated Math
  • Geometry
  • Pre Calc
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Biology
  • Adv. Biology
  • AIS (Advanced Integrated Science)
  • Physics
  • AP Physics
  • AP Biology
  • Life Skills/World Studies I
  • AP European History
  • AP US History
  • French I
  • French II
  • French IV
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish III
  • Spanish IV
  • AP Spanish
  • Spanish NS IV
  • Mandarin classes
  • Stagecraft II/ Drama II

Broad Curriculum ($377,000) 17%

This year 17 elective courses will be funded by the Foundation to allow students to pursue their passion. In addition, the Foundation provides funds for other classes to ensure that resources are in place to improve the educational experience for students.
  • Debate
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz band
  • Journalism
  • Pysch/Gender Studies
  • Yearbook
  • Digital Photo
  • 3D modeling and Animation
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science Java
  • Mobile Apps
  • Race Immigration and Ethnicity
  • AP French
  • AP Spanish Lit
  • Chinese
  • StageCraft II/ Drama II Production class
  • Debate Team Fees
  • Drama
  • English Readers
  • Social Studies Readers
  • Honors Institute
  • Journalism Supplies
  • Library Materials
  • Math: Algebra Readiness Coach
  • Math Contests Coordinator
  • Math: Summer AP Calculus
  • Music Programs (Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir, Guitar)
  • Robotics Advisor
  • Science Equipment
  • Writing Center Coordinator
  • Writing Ctenter Tutors and Supplies


The Foundation supports college counseling and resources, including a College Advisor and SAT prep classes.
  • Two Guidance Counselors
  • College Advisor extended hours
  • College & Career Center assistant
  • PSAT/SAT prep class
  • SAT subject exam classes
  • Release time for teachers to write letters of recommendation

Excellent Teachers ($94,000) 4%

The Foundation provides funds to enable teachers to collaborate with department colleagues to strengthen curriculum, and to participate in teacher-training and continuing education programs. The Foundation is pleased to welcome new teachers to M-A with a check to help defray classroom set-up costs and to recognize excellence in teaching thru the presentation of teacher awards.
  • Professional development for M-A faculty and staff
    • Two-time award-winning Professional Development Program for M-A faculty
    • Summer Faculty Week: teachers meet to collaborate and prepare for the year ahead
    • Continuing education (courses, conferences)
    • Collaboration with department colleagues
    • In-service training
  • Teacher Awards (monthly Impact Awards, annual Teaching, Classified Staff & Leadership Awards)
  • New-Teacher Welcome checks for classroom supplies

CRITICAL PROGRAMS ($458,000) 21%

The Foundation supports salaries and a wide-range of classes and programs that reflect student interest and the administration’s priorities.
  • Homework Centers tutors and supplies
  • Shadowing Coordinator
  • Partnership for Success Program:
    • Parent Outreach Coordinator
    • Restorative Justice Coordinator
    • Clinical Case Worker
    • Community Liaison
  • Conflict Mediation Specialist
  • Honors Institute staffing and supplies
  • Compass program staffing and supplies
  • Star Vista Counseling Services
  • Technology Assistant
  • Theater Manager
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